Fluid Asset Intelligence

We are a global leader in advanced fluid storage technology, fluid transfer solutions with focus on water supply, fuel management and chemical industries.

Water supply and distribution

IoT based smart water management solutions offer a simplified approach to sustainable water supply practices both for residential and commercial use. Tassel Infrastructure promotes the practice of working through the sense–think–act cycle helping to pursue digital innovations that will contribute to the sustainability of the water supply and sewerage industry.

Fuel Management

 Our fuel management solutions are for companies that need increased accuracy, accountability, security or productivity from their fluid assets. It is normal for our fuel management customers to achieve fluid reconciliation rates in excess of 99.5%. 
Our fuel management systems consist of hardware, controllers, and software which are sold under the fuel360 trademarks.

Industrial Chemicals flow management

Modern techniques for fluid flow control in systems encountered within the process and chemical industries are integral for managing operations efficiently. Devices such as pumps and compressors with flow control systems to regulate flowrates, valve opening and pressures and to manage motor loads. . 


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